My gtir (h921eck)

Dangerous Dave

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He's not talking about you mate, he's is talking about Andy sunny been a spanner with the text talk.

Im sure I had a H reg not so long back with a reg that was close to yours.


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I thot he was talking about me
I am sorry:oops:
my R is very early phase 1 i think it is number 2000 odd to come out the factory?


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Thread resurrection!

Can anyone identify the front lip on the white Pulsar on the previous page ?
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fubar andy

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It "looks like" the Crazy Hornet body-kits that were made in Japan.

I know they've closed now due to sales or the owner just retired!


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This was my car, I bought it from the person who started this thread I'm sure. Sure it had engine issues at the time, I paid martyn perie to take some parts from it to fit to my other gtir he had at the time and he stripped engine and all running gear and sold behind my back. I managed to get my car and this shell back after years with him. I was able to take the parts off that i needed for myself and the shell was sold to Julian Cosnett on the facebook page. A few people asked about the front bumper, I just searched on the facebook page and I replied saying it looked like a front lip that had been added.