Limits of a Mines ECU


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Bin the mines chip get a nistune, mines run alot of timing due to the higher octane in Japan I've got pics of my engine all pitted due to detonation.


This is very true, but at the moment I am running Shell V-Power plus +4 Ron Octane additive - I know they are tuned for 100 ron.

But yes very true, in the long run i really really need a Nistune board + Dyno in my life but cant justify the £400+ for that setup just at the mo. But dont get me wrong, it will be happening.

godzilr - Mines in the UK go for around £150 GBP, whatever that may be in Australasia.


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My mines was fine for 4 years at 1.2 bar on V power, Fitted a SAFC got it mapped to run at 1.3 i think? and peak at 1.4 - 1.5, i have a graph on here some where and it run fine. Get it on the rollers and checked and it will be fine!!
You will get a SAFC for about £80


How hard is the SAFC to set up mate? And whats involved, just basic wiring?

If im running stock turbo and 1.3 bar is my max anyway I may just go for an SAFC.

Something you can setup yourself or needs setting up on the rollers?

Cheers mate!