Lambda/Oxygen sensor help



hey guys,

i live in Toronto (canada) and i need a lambda/oxygen sensor for my new gtir...

can anyone tell me a cross referenced part that will be suitable... i know that the 87/88 300zx twin turbo sensor will work on s13 sr20det engines, but will it be suitable for the pulsar...

also my car was insanely modified by an unknown shop in japan... car runs 1.64 bar of boost :der: ... should i be using another/better universal type lambda sensor...

thanks a lot for your help everyone,



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The original lambda sensor should be fine I believe.

Im unaware of a universal lambda as Ive tried to ask the same question b4.
See if someone here has a lambda spare lying around,fairly newish.

as long as its the same type with the same number of wires then I do believe it can go.