How to remove the starter motor

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I've poached this from another thread. All credit to olidaviesuk.
Feel free to correct/add anything as he requested.

olidaviesuk said:
not a nice job, but just about doable if your handy with a spanner and fairly familiar with an R,

Anyway removal as follows - correct me on any points as doing this from memory.

Starter is situated on the back of the block just about on the same level as the top of the gearbox in just about the most awkward place imaginable - you will probably need S - Spanners, rachet spanners and 1/4 or 3/8" drive rachet with several UJ

i) disconnect battery

ii) remove intercooler

iii) remove (looking from front of car) rear, righthandside intercooler support bracket (indiviual one on its own) you should then be able to loosen the A frame on the back of the engine on the gearbox side enough to get your hand behind the starter motor.

iv) disconnect the power cable from the back of the starter motor (either 10 or 12mm ) and the solondid cable (YOU WILL GET CHAFFED KNUCKLES)

you may find it easier when removing the power connectors to do it from under the car - jack the car up and support it safely on axle stands (if your not confident and familiar about doing this safely THEN DONT as you will be under the car and if it falls on you, you will probably die! :shock: )

v) remove the exhaust downpipe and driveshaft then you should be able to access the rear of the starter motor.

vi) from the top of the car undo the bolts that hold the starter to the gearbox.

vii) remove the starter from the underside of the car - will be a complete :x

Hope this is usefull