hks evc 5 fitting


ive got a hks evc 5 off a friend of mine and have been looking at the installation instructions but i'm a bit unsure about the pipework connections, it states not to use the vacum line that operates the fpr, so i was thinking maybe the feed to the top of the carbon canister for that one?.for the pressurized air i was going to tee into the pipe feeding the origanal boost guage, the 3 rd pipe to the wastegate actuator seems straight foward but am unsure if i need to leave the original wastegate solenoid connected . any advice would be great. thanks neil


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It's relatively simple.

You need one line to monitor the boost level; might as well make that the same one that goes to your gauges (that way the EVC sees the same boost you do).
You need one boost source; I think they recommend as close to the compressor as possible, but it might as well be the same spot the factory solenoid uses (on the bottom of the plenum).
You need one line going to the wastegate actuator with nothing else on it (so no factory solenoid).

Be aware that "1, 2, and 3" have different designations and locations between EVCs, so instructions for something like the EVC III will be wrong.


yeah should be ok, i'm only going to be running at just under1 bar max as all standard except i have a new turbo technics stage 1 turbo fitted, should be on the road for may, ive had it 13 months and am yet to drive it!