Gearstick Centering



The gearstick on my Pulsar will only center if you push the stick to the right in neutral. If you push it to the left (like you want to head for 1st gear) then it will not return. Looking at the manual there is a spring (MT-12 no 20 in the diagram) however it is only 1 spring, If this spring was knackered then why would it return when the stick is pushed to the right but not the left? Anyone else had this sort of problem? If so what was the solution?


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Try one of those poly bushes on the pivot. - It's really easy to change; I think you need a 10mm spanner and a 12mm spanner and can do it on your back with the car on axle stands.

I don't know about centring per se, but I think it feels less sloppy afterwards.

The Doc

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The left movement is controlled by the gear lever spring, the right movement is via a spring detent in the gearbox itself.