E85 400HP injector size question


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Dear fellow R owners,

I am currently building up my fully forged GTI-R with a GTX2867R or GTX2863R, didn't decide yet.

Since I live in Germany now, there is basically E85 on every streetcorner here. I want to achieve 375 HP with fast spool on the 63mm or a 410 HP with a little less fast spool on the 67mm. Both based on 1.2/1.3 bar on E85. For the fuel conversion I plan to buy the Haltech PS-1000 with the flexi fuel sensor.

Even if I use a FPR and raise the FP to 4 bar. Based on the following (normal gas) calculation figures:

[FONT=&amp]444cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 287bhp
444cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 338bhp

555cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 359bhp
555cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 422bhp

600cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 388bhp
600cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 457bhp

700cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 453bhp
700cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 533bhp

1000cc @ 3bar @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 647bhp
1000cc @ 3bar @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 761bhp


444cc @ 4bar (513cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 332bhp
444cc @ 4bar (513cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 390bhp

555cc @ 4bar (642cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 415bhp
555cc @ 4bar (642cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 489bhp

600cc @ 4bar (694cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 449bhp
600cc @ 4bar (694cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 528bhp

700cc @ 4bar (810cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 524bhp
700cc @ 4bar (810cc) @ 100% @ 0.5BSFC = 617bhp

1000cc @ 4bar (1157cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 749bhp
1000cc @ 4bar (1157cc) @ 85% @ 0.5BSFC = 881bhp[/FONT]

Question going through my mind, I have some 560cc EVO9 injectors lying around, but I doubt that is going to cut it, so now what:

  • 800cc injectors on 4 bar, or
  • 1000's on 3 bar

Any advice more than welcome!


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Since I live in Germany now, there is basically E85 on every streetcorner here.

I'm jealous, they got rid of it over here a few years ago :sad:

Go for the 1000cc injectors, I was using 700's with around 330bhp when I was using E85.



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thanks Ed and Mark; 1000cc's it is. Guess I will put the 560cc's in the for sale section soon.

BTW: more fuel means also more air, you recon the Z32 MAF will cope with E85, 1000CC and 400HP or do I need to go with a MAP-sensor?


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better you do what I did go with a aem standalone and get rid of the maf all togetherjust use a map sensor and a iat sensor and 1000 cc injector dynamics injectors and start tuning


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It's been a while, slow build here, no heating in the barn :sad:... Anyway; I'm about to get the ID1000's, but the question is; how do I fit them and what size do I order? Does anyone know of a fuel rail that I can fit that will be a drop in rail with AN fittings on both ends so I can run braided lines straight off the rail?

I do not want to bore out my standard rail, my car is a Sunny LHD, and vastly becoming a rare collectors item these days; prices are going up at the moment; and I want to keep all original parts in unmolested condition.

Anyone knows what rail would work with the ID1000's on the GTIR?


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I heard the GTI-R has 10.5mm holes in the fuel rail, not 11mm. Did you drill out your standard rail to 11mm, or do you just force the ID1000's in? The site from Injector Dynamics states two versions for the SR20 with 11mm tops:

240SX-S13/S14/S15 (11mm)
1000. $480.00

SR20DET FWD (11mm)

Any idea which ones? I presume the 240SX ones? It doesnt say which one has which colour hat on their website...

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I'd assume (but don't know) that those two different part numbers relate to the injector being top or side feed ?
Edit. Or maybe high/low impedance ?
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I wrote to Injector Dynamics to ask, their reply:
Hi Sven,

We can certainly get you taken care of. Don't worry about the colors specifically. What we need is the overall injector length from o-ring to o-ring, and then the top and bottom o-ring diameters. Can you get me that?

I am overseas at the moment, not with the car, can someone that has an injector lying around measure it? That way I can post in this thread exactly what partnumber from Injector Dynamics will be the proper one for the GTI-R. Maybe they will also list the Pulsar/Sunny then in their list making it easier for everyone wishing to upgrade in the future.