Can anyone identify this exhaust?

Dan parker

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IMG_5288.JPG IMG_5287.JPG IMG_5286.JPG IMG_5289.JPG IMG_5284.JPGIMG_5285.JPG can anyone tell me the make off this exhaust and what it's value is.
I'm pretty sure it's a trust but been many years since I brought it so can't be sure

johnny gtir

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Searched as thought it was
It is trust mate jasma is the Japanese or Japan automotive sports muffler association then the three digit number

Akiyure Inc. 047
Apekusera Inc. 048
Iida Inc. 130
Ikeda industry 003
A tea sea international Japan Inc. 074
Etching k s Inc. 051
Ebansupuranningu asuretsuku division 129
M-TEC Inc. 002
Otoekuze Inc. 120
Automatic backs seven Inc. 097
Ovuareshingupurodakutsu Inc. 124
Katsu Inc. 088
Car land 119
Kind technostructure Inc. 115
Kakimotoreshingu Inc. 017
Garcon division 114
Can tile office 113
5ZIGEN international Inc. 005
Sun automobile industry Inc. 076
Gee earl Inc. 012
Jieiruto Inc. 013
Gee piece Potts Inc. 125
Jiyaosu Inc. 067
Starting line Inc. 069
Spoon Inc. 044
Possession the Suruga Seiki Inc. 106
Zero sports Inc. 100
Tanabe Inc. 026
Taniguchi Inc. 035
Takeoff Inc. 004
Top line Inc. 110
Trust Inc. 006
Knight sport Inc. 019
Huaburesu Inc. 111
Fujita engineering Inc. 061
Rattan ***353;â engineering and research industry Inc. 001
Free way Inc. 123
Buritsutsu Inc. 021
Hoshinoinparu Inc. 037
HONDA twin cam Inc. 011
Mainzuueibu Inc. 038
Makishimuwakusu Inc. 045
Pine Shaw Inc. 008
Meiwa Inc. 041
Yajima industry Inc. 091
Yamato Inc. 122
Lucky automatic Inc. 126
Love lark Inc. 083

johnny gtir

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£0.50p honestly don't know. Best way I'd say £500 and someone will slate you and say it's worth ... I will start with £130-150 see if anyone else has a opinion