ARP rod bolts

I have done a search but couldn't find the answers I was looking for....

How do you remove the old rod bolts from the con rods and insert the ARP ones?
I'm thinking you just carefully knock them out? as they can't be turned due to the head sat in the recess.

Also, where do you put the assy lube that comes with the ARP bolt kit? on the thread and on nut face, or just the thread?

Cheers guys.


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Yep, knock them out. I wrapped the rods in a towel av put it in a vice. :)
And I only put the lube on the threads. The engine hasn't blown up yet.


as trond said but tighten the holders down once in a vice to make sure the head has pulled through and is properly seated, then undo them again prior to assembly
Ah ok cheers. What torque do I do them up to? The ARP website says the torque is irrelevant really as it's not accurate enough. They recommend using a stretch gauge instead?
Either way, I don't have a stretch gauge so will have to go by torque setting lol.

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Put lube on the nut face as well......................... if you read the instructions it does say to coat the nut face and thread in some sort of jargon way.