Apexi turbo timer harness


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when i bought my pulsar the guy threw in an apexi turbo timer but it did not have the harness, ive looked on the web and cant seem to find them for the gti-r, will one from a 200sx or 300zx work? or are they model specific? also is there anyway to tell the difference between a genuine one and one of the ebay ones?

Thanks in advance


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I would have thought you could make the harness from a different car work... but it might require you doing some cutting and splicing to install it.

Unless you really want it, I don't think I'd bother with the effort; it's a water-cooled turbo anyway, so if you can resist the temptation to thrash it right up until you turn the key off you can achieve the same thing as a turbo timer by just taking it easy for the last minute or so of your drive. - That way there's no issue with your alarm/immobiliser getting confused and unlocking the car when the timer stops.