2015 gtiroc calendars?


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A few tips then ;-) The right light is everything, get the sun (if it's shining lol) behind you or a least not in front of you......Try and choose a decent/blank background (up against a plain brick wall or something), get up close or shot from the ground for a different angle, or park it in a puddle and get the reflection of the wheels or something distinctive, bonnet vents with rain drops, flaming tailpipe, if your using your phone to take the picture, see if the camera has a fisheye mode and get up close.....

if you have two cars, park them along side each other (nice and square) so you can take a pic of a front and a back....

overhead shots (out of a window) can be good.

night time under a street light.....


I will take a few shots tomorrow and send them over.

I missed out on the 2014 calander :-(

I will take 3 calenders if its still happeneing