1990 Nissan Pulsar Gtir Potentially upto 400hp


Hi All,

With regret I have to put my 1990 Nissan Pulsar Gtir up forsale.

I brought it 2 years ago to do up as a track car, but with being made redundant several times last year and this year. The bills now have to be priority as so she has to be sold to pay off certain thing.
A little history of the car, I had been looking for year for one of these and this one came up, it was owned by a chap for over 10 years, but the last 8 years of him owning it he was ill and so it was dry stored in a workshop and not used. He had a house fire and lost of the service history i'm afraid, but the mileage can be backed up with the DVLA database of its last MOT and the mileage is has now.

Good Bits:
52k from new which is very low for one of these.
Underneath of the car is clean for the age (bar one little hole in the drivers sill which needs welding for an mot
Interior is one of the cleanest I've seen with no wear on the bolsters
Rust free (minus the above point)
Car is complete apart from a few items.

Metallic flake paint job, looks good in the sun and in the wet it still looks black.
Garret Turbo charger (could benefit being reconditioned)
Straight through exhaust system + decat
GTIR front mount intercooler
Front strut brace
Unknown black alloys 17" (tyres need replacing) - 3 have been professionally sand blasted ready for spraying whatever colour you like.
HKS dump valve
Hard piping to FMIC
Samco Hoses used
Nismo oil cap
Braided hoses used in places
GTIR Motorsport White dial MPH gauges installed
Hydra EMS - Aftermarket ECU management - running fully on this although could do with a remap to get more potential. (Cables provided to connect to ecu - software available online) This also has launch control and lots more it can do.
750cc Blue Injectors installed
R- White Dials for gauges in dash
Also extra gauges for Boost pressure, AFR and more.
Sparco Foot Pedals
HKS boost controller
HKS turbo timer
Aftermarket Steering Wheel - Momo Wheel
Nismo Gear Knob
Nismo Rear Mud Flaps
Uprated Paddle clutch
Tinted Windows
SunStrip added
HDI Lights and Packs installed

Bad Bits
OSF sill needs a small weld for mot
NSF wheel stud needs replacing as nut is welded it self over time
Rear Brakes are Seized but two new Rebuild kits will be supplied.
Bonnet needs adjusting to close correctly
Turbo oil seal is leaking slightly - but still working and running.
Air Filter Missing
No Service History im Afraid

As you can see it had quite a few modifications and there is probably more I have forgotten about, the car has had money put into it.
Although it needs work and I won't sugar coat the fact it does need some work, it is in a great position for someone to spend a few hrs on here and there and some attention to some areas of the body work it could easily be restored to it's former glory and more.
I'm sure as you all know Pulsar GTI-R's are rapidly increasing in price, and hopefully this one will go to a good home to finish off what i started.

If interested please message me
Location Ashford in Kent,
Price Offer around £5000


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I'd be 99.99% sure this is my old car with only some small things different ( wheels are changed, the injectors should be Sard ones from memory,sun visor changed)and the back story you were given is wrong. Couple of unique/rare things to stand out (along with so many similar bits I did myself)especially when all put together are the Hyrda ECU, the mesh style at the front,metallic flake paint job. Aswell as other ones like all the gauges,turbo timer etc being in the same place, AET GT29 I think turbo was in.

The miles were 70k+ when I brought it over to Ireland around 2007/2008 ,I swapped it for a bike around 2010(and that guy ended up selling it down to Limerick/Clare area of here a few months later) so was definitely in Ireland until around 2011ish.

A lot of the upgrades I did over here including the Hydra ECU (which stands out because you don't see many of them around in GTiRs)) which I got done in EastCoastCustoms in Lisburn, think it was £2200 alone for that. Still have the alloy underguard here for it and folder of receipts somewhere for it all, think it totaled £6-7k+ all in from EastCost ( turbo timer and injectors not included). It was a 91 car though, H863 start of reg.

That said, it was a solid car but I lost heart after getting it back from ECC as I don't think they ever had the ECU set up completely correct. I was under the impression the AutoLaunch and AntiLag was going to be set up only to be told when collecting that it would be extra or they didn't know how to set it up correctly. I didn't feel a major difference with the AntiLag either except for a lot of extra pops from the exhaust when it was turned on so more of a gimmick.