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Reluctant sale of my R

Discussion in 'GTi-R Car's For Sale' started by Jonnie R, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. Jonnie R

    Jonnie R Member

    Jun 22, 2007
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    Unfortunately the time has come to part with my R. Its been my pride and joy for so many years


    Open to sensible offers

    L reg 93 Jap import, heavily modified.

    Its currently not running as a result of an incident in the dark trying to jump start her, unfortunately battery terminals were crossed and the Apexi FC does not appear to respond. I haven't investigated this any further due to lack of time with two young children. It might be a simple fix for Apexi, I don't know. I had thought about going down the FuelTech route and removing the AFM.

    Spec is as follows
    Chemically cleaned & crack tested
    Tomei 270deg high lift procams
    JUN Titanium double valve springs
    JUN Titanium valve retainers
    JUN Valve guides
    GReddy rocker arm stoppers
    Valves re-cut / 3 angle
    Port and polish gas flowed head
    AeroSpeed adjustable cam gears
    HKS head gasket
    ARP head bolts
    ARP main stud kit
    Nissan gasket kit
    87mm JE Pistons and rings
    Pauter X-beam rods with EDM drilling
    ACL calico coated race bearings all round
    Nissan water pump
    Nissan oil pump
    Nissan oil pan
    Nissan timing chain/guide/tension kit
    Lightened and balanced crank

    Drive Train:
    OS Giken R2CD clutch and flywheel
    Quaife gear set

    Apexi Power FC (potentially dead)
    Apexi AVCR
    Apexi Commander (gen2)

    Walbro fuel pump
    RC 1000cc injectors
    SciTech fuel filter (not fitted)

    Garrett GTX-3076 turbo (billet steel turbine)
    Protech (custom made) T3 tubular manifold (this is truly stunning see pics on 'my R thread (link above))
    Protech (custom made) down pipe (ceramic coated) - waste gate feeds back into exhaust - see pics on 'my R thread (link above)
    Tial 45mm external waste gate
    Full 3" stainless exhaust (V-bands) with 5Zigen muffler
    FMIC with 3" pipework from intercooler to plenum
    HKS blow off valve attached to induction pipework
    19 row Mocal oil cooler – top mount
    S/S braided oil lines
    Mocal thermostatic sandwich plate
    Koyo rad
    2x 11” front mounted slim line rad fans
    Adjustable thermostatic fan controller
    Nismo thermostat
    Z32 MAF
    ITG air filter
    PTFE TB to block gasket

    Powerflex front wishbone bushes
    Powerflex engine mounts
    Whiteline anti-dive kit
    Whiteline ARB (front & back)+ bushes
    Uprated rear subframe poly bushes
    Uprated drop links
    Cusco front strut brace
    GAB rear strut brace
    Tein super street coilovers
    Hi-Spec front brakes (300mm IRC)
    Custom made s/s braided brake lines front
    Goodridge s/s braided brake lines rear
    Nismo long hub bolts all round
    Toyo T1Rs all round
    New front lower ball joints
    New track rod ends
    New front wheel bearings

    Other mods:
    Auto choke removed
    ABS removed + brake lines modified
    Aircon removed
    All plenum and T/B mods
    Custom oil separator, feeds back to sump
    Braided clutch line
    Battery to boot
    Rear seats removed
    A-pillar pod with boost and FPR (cheap gauges)
    Standard boost gauge replaced with EGT gauge
    New Cat 1 Alarm

    Kream wide arch kit (plus bumpers) - Not fitted (arches have been welded and fillered with these being planned to go on)
    All engine mount brackets, wishbones + cups, ARB brackets powder coated
    Rear sub-frame powder coated
    OZ 16” alloys powder coated (white)
    Engine bay resprayed
    Stripped, zinc primed, painted and under sealed arches
    Rear Samco’s
    All blue/black silicon hoses in engine bay
    Most brackets and catches zinc plated
    Laguna front splitter

    Quaife has been well looked after with periodic rebuilds/checks when the engine has been out.

    Stacks and stacks of receipts

    Last map reached 438bhp

    I also have a spare engine (head has been taken apart for shims) and broken gearbox (3rd split). Also an MSD blaster kit

    Loads of spares which I'll have to list separately

    I don't mind selling the spares separately but would rather sell the car as is, I don't have the time to break it unfortunately and could do with the space in the garage.

    This car has been a passion of mine for years. Primarily focussed on everything but aesthetics which were planned to be one of the last jobs but unfortunately its time to sell up.
    Anyone who has the time to sort the ECU and aesthetics will be very happy with this car, I'll miss this rocket ship...

    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
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  2. Jon Olds

    Jon Olds Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2004
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    that's a shame, understand the family pressures etc
    good luck
  3. Jonnie R

    Jonnie R Member

    Jun 22, 2007
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    Thanks Jon,
    As much as I love this fire spitting monster, a camper van appears to be more suited to family life at the moment. I'm officially old
  4. Jonnie R

    Jonnie R Member

    Jun 22, 2007
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    Looking for 8500 as is. Will start breaking it over the winter if not sold
  5. fubar andy

    fubar andy Moderator & N/W Rep Staff Member

    Aug 15, 2005
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    If that happens I might look at a few bits off you!
  6. keastygtir

    keastygtir Well-Known Member

    Apr 26, 2007
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  7. stugtir300

    stugtir300 Member

    Apr 13, 2007
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    Count me in for parts,if you don't get a complete sale,you will regret it when it's gone,sell the other half to raise funds to complete it.ha ha
  8. maison

    maison New Member

    Sep 2, 2017
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    Is the R still for Sale ?


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