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My Pulsar for sale

Discussion in 'GTi-R Car's For Sale' started by grim_d, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. grim_d

    grim_d Member

    Jan 18, 2010
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    With a heavy heart I'm selling my black pulsar, The car was put off the road with a startup problem (which is solved now) about 3 years ago and I've just never properly went back to it, I won't have the time or the money to deal with it and would rather see it rehomed than rotting away outside.

    It has a forged engine built by a member from the OC, sadly I have no proof of anything, only what I was told, I have some pictures I got along with the engine of it being built, not that it proves too much. You can see the Cosworth HG, and I have had the rocker cover off and measured the cams in the past, they are definitely aftermarket grinds from nissan blanks though I've never managed to track down the manufacturer, I was running 380bhp @ 1.6bar on a 3071r, if it wasn't forged it would have blown up! The head came from sid00's car from years ago. The head is shimmed using the feeler gauge method, I had always intended to get some proper shim buckets from precision shims but life got in the way.

    The startup issue was caused by either the Nistune or its connection to the ecu, car currently has a standard ecu and injectors in it so starts up fine but understandably runs poorly with the others mods, I am working towards fixing the nistune ecu and if so it can go with the car, the map no longer completely relates to the spec but it runs much better on the nistune ecu.

    Spec of the car is as follows.

    Greddy forged pistons.
    Arp rod bolts, standard head and main bolts.
    Balanced rods.
    ACL main, big end and thrust washers
    Cosworth 1.8mm HG.
    Aftermarket cams.
    Ported/polished head.
    Standard turbo with braided lines
    z32 MAF
    Bosch 040 with fuel pump power mod.
    Battery in boot.
    Braided brake hoses
    Am Performance turbo elbow/downpipe and Magnex catback.
    Greddy e-01 boost controller
    Apexi cone filter
    Uprated clutch, was told it was AP racing with helix pressure plate but have no proof, held the power fine and isn't heavy,
    Toad AI606 alarm, car has central locking from the fob, have 2 fobs for the car.

    Most of the suspension is polybushed, the front and rear roll bars and bushes are standard however.
    Standard wheels and brakes, the brakes will need some attention.

    The oil catch can is a lucozade bottle, it always has been, I never got around to making a proper one.

    There is a large Hks front mount and associated pipework in the boot that can go with the car, it needs a clean up.

    The bodywork looks better in the pictures than it is, there are various dings/dents and scratches around the car. remember the paint is nearly 30 years old! Last year the car got covered in overspray, most of it has been removed but the paint has suffered a bit because of this, it would come up pretty well with a machine polish, the spoiler is particularly dull. IF I get time I will try and improve it.

    The shell is decent, nothing has been welded as yet but all the common areas are starting to go although othing is anywhere near the failure stage. It would be an excellent candidate for a project, restoration or even a track car, the worst arch corrosion is on the offside at the rear but it's not bad at all. The nearside arch is pretty good with only a little on the lip itself.

    The sills are solid, I've had it up and down on the ramp loads over the last few weeks. there is some crushing of the sill lip and floor strengthening bars just like every other pulsar.

    It's a little crusty and flakey underneath from sitting for so long but it's really not bad and I've seen bad ones!, I could have tidied it up or covered it in underseal to hide it but that's not my style.

    The bad bits

    I'm pretty sure the gearbox is on it's way out, I suspect the input shaft bearings have started to go as it's a little noisy, currently it works fine though.

    Brake line corrosion was an advisory on last mot

    The tachometer is intermittent, a common problem, I swapped another cluster in to see if that solved it but no change, there's a good chance both clusters are faulty though. The e-01 displays the correct RPM.

    The boot lock is different from the rest of the locks. I have the key for it.

    The drivers window switches are dead (very common) so the windows don't go down, I have tested it with a known good switch and the regulators work fine. I tried to find a spare for it but both my spares have also died!

    I think that's most of it, there will undoubtedly be other bits and bobs, sorry for the lengthy post, any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Car has no MOT or Tax so will need trailered away. It is located in Ayrshire, Scotland





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  2. grim_d

    grim_d Member

    Jan 18, 2010
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