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Milton keynes meet at knightracer 8th sept

Discussion in 'England - Midlands' started by uzthedeoctor, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. uzthedeoctor

    uzthedeoctor Guest

    Hi guys, I used to organise the mk meet held in caldecotte and walnut tree. Im posting this on behalf of my friends Joe and Albert at Knight racer. Theyre holding an open day at their premises on 8th sept.

    I wont be there unfortunately but my car will be, which has been used as the project car which can be seen here : www.uzmanulhaq.info/suprapics

    Im not employed by the company or its affiliates but I think this would make a cool meet.

    heres the blog from the post:

    Our New Showroom is now up and running! so please drop by to see what we have available. We hold approx £50,000 of bodykit stock, a large portion are for Skylines, so please enquire for details.
    The premises hosts an impressive and fully equipt 5500 sq ft full performance workshop facility, taken care of by experienced JDP team. 5 vehicle ramps, 1 ground sunken MOT bay for the specialist and performance cars
    We have planned a Grand Open Day for Saturday 8th September!

    Time: 9pm to 5pm.

    On the day, there will be the following to keep everyone entertained:

    - Vehicle Demonstrations

    - Mobile Rolling Road (price per run TBC)

    - Performance Brake and Tyre Fitting Throughout the day

    - Discounts throughout the day

    - Snacks and Drinks

    - MOTs and Servicing offered throughout the day!

    Large car park available.

    Everyone Welcome!

    Please let us know if you can come along!
  2. youngsyp

    youngsyp New Member

    Jun 9, 2004
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    I've seen this advertised in the local paper. They're not going under the name 'Knight Racer' anymore, are they ?

    Is it 'JDP Motors' now ?
  3. uzthedeoctor

    uzthedeoctor Guest

    sorry forgot the address

    Unit 38 Tanners Drive, Blakelands, Milton Keynes, MK14 5BW

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