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Door Seals and Slam Panel Vertical Support wanted

Discussion in 'GTi-R Parts Wanted' started by donpulsar, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. donpulsar

    donpulsar South Yorkshire Regional Rep

    Jan 24, 2003
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    Hi there !

    I'm hoping you can help - my Pulsar is at the paintshop and needs a couple of bits to finish it off -
    please see below :
    Please note the door seals need to be intact, no rips or tears and be in very good condition with plenty of life in them.

    1) Driver and Passenger Door to car body seal - this sits on top of the door in the channel as shown :

    door seal.jpg

    2) Driver's side door frame seal - around where you climb in to the driver's seat and goes under the door trim in the door shut (not my car, pic for illustration):

    door frame seal.jpg

    3) Slam Panel Vertical Support Strut as seen in the pic (marked with the red arrove and labelled 62515) :
    slam panel vertical support.jpg

    Any help gathering these parts very much appreciated.



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