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    Just testing the water to see if i get any interest. I have a 1990 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R which I bought as a running project last year.
    Colour: Black
    Milage: 80k (around that mark)

    It has a folder of paperwork, receipts etc I believe it was imported in 2004.

    The car had starting issues and ran very lumpy under boost but once it came onto boost it came on very strong and very quick.
    After driving it for a week, the transfer box gave way (this was due to previous owner having no oil in it) so a replacement transfer box with oil was fitted. Shortly after this, the clutch gave way and after taking the engine out we discovered the clutch was just very old and worn.
    So as it stands now the engine, gearbox and transferbox are currently out of the car and stored. The shell/body is in my friends yard, currently on axel stands as the two front driveshafts are out. I am selling the car as a whole but obviously the engine, gearbox + transfer box are separated as well as the turbo, inlet manifold and all other supporting mods for the engine.
    Here are the bad bits:
    Engine running very low compression and smokey, suspected cracking of two pistons
    Front engine mounts, wishbone bushings are worn
    Bonnet + right wing are ready to be primed and sprayed as they were tatty, there is a dent in the passenger door and a few scuffs here and there , other than that the body work is fairly decent.
    The car was rust free when I bought it, however I believe there is a small patch in the rear of the car just above the side skirt. Will have to double check this when I go to see the car.
    Slight blowing in the flexi pipe in the exhuast
    Electric windows not working
    Windscreen needs replacement

    Good bits:
    Underneath of the car is clean for the age
    Interior is very clean, roof lining missing
    Gearbox in working order, no damage or wear
    Rust free (minus the above point)
    It is actually MOTd until JUNE 2018

    Garret Turbo charger (could benefit being reconditioned)
    Straight through exhaust system + decat
    GTIR front mount intercooler
    Front OMP strut brace
    Rear Cusco strut brace
    Unknown black alloys 17" (tyres need replacing)
    HKS dump valve
    KONI shocks + springs
    Induction kit

    As you can see it had a few modifications, the car has had money put into it the turbo alone costing £1500 new. Although it needs work and I won't sugar coat the fact it does need alot of work, it is in a great position for an engine rebuild and with some TLC (new bushes , driveshafts etc) and some attention to the body work it could easily be restored to it's former glory and more. I'm sure as you all know Pulsars are rapidly increasing in price even since I bought mine I struggle to find any under £7000. Hopefully someone will be able to see the potential of this car and bring it back to life.
    As I said I'm just looking if anyone is interested initally and if so then I can post pictures I have and take more if requested. If I have missed out anything please let me know.
    If you'd like to contact me directly my number is: 07938022973
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    Hi mate sounds interesting any pictures please?

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    PM'd you Billy
    Thanks Sam

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