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  1. 1&onlygti-r
    1&onlygti-r Stevogtir
    Hi is the car still for sale if so how much cheers
  2. DavidSnubs
  3. Rhianna
    Rhianna Stevogtir
    Hello there. Could you contact me please. Thanks
  4. Stevogtir
    Stevogtir stevepudney
    Selector needed upgrade preferred any ideas
  5. Stevogtir
    Selector wanted
    1. Rhianna
      Ring me
      Oct 19, 2017
  6. Dale mc88
    Dale mc88 warpspeed
    Hi mate do you have a shell that needs a bit welding but restorable I'd be interested in buying from you if so buddy
    1. warpspeed
      Hi, I have a few but not really interested in selling them until I've restored them.
      Sep 25, 2017
  7. Garbs
    Garbs Richard_Sideways
    Evening Richard,
    Bit of a long shot, do you still have Bogdans elbow for sale please?
    Many thanks,
    1. Richard_Sideways
      Sorry Adam, moved that along a couple of months ago. I'll update the thread.
      Aug 7, 2017
  8. astarozna
    he might have a spare boxes
  9. astarozna
  10. astarozna
    Hi, just got back, will take photos today!
  11. Reko2716
    Reko2716 astarozna
    Hello, news for me?

  12. gtirshark
    Breaking the Law
  13. Bora
  14. ytesotaze
  15. Beany113
    Beany113 stevepudney
    Hi Steve I'm also looking for a clutch pedal support bracket. If you could send me a message if your still doing then that would be awesome. Thanks!
  16. Beany113
    Beany113 STEVEN878
    Hi is the pulsar still for sale?? Please could I have a contact number??
    Many thanks
  17. RhiWalt28
    RhiWalt28 STEVEN878
    Hello I have commented on your post and started a conversation with you.
    Is Pulsar sfs?
    My partner can come and collect asap.
    Need a price please?
  18. Wes
    Fecking hate that coolant hard line behind the turbo! T**t!
  19. alphadrex
    alphadrex Johnny nofear

    Good to find another GTi-R owner relatively nearby. I noticed in your post you're using the Link G4+, I was in discussion with Cam at Lightspeed Innovation in Red Deer about switching to that same system. Can you tell me more about your setup? I'm looking to build a monster out of mine too. Welcome to the addiction. BTW, love to see more pics of the car.

  20. Shaztgo
    Shaztgo vss irvine
    Hey Buddy, heard you may have a stock gtir coming up for sale, i'd be interested if you do